New York Air Quality Improves

It’s been almost 7 years since the goal of improving the quality of air in NYC. With the advent of the citybike program which offer convenient bike rental pick up and drop off at hundred of locations in the 5 boroughs of NY. The owner of a vape shop in manhattan David K has 100s parked right outside his shop. garden service has made an effort to improve the air quality locally in Staten Island NY by replacing a huge portion of their equipment to electric and solar powered machinery. The owner says “it takes each person to make their effort to improve the air quality 1 piece of equipment at a time.

Many have said that the improvement in air quality has been a direct result of the increase of bike riders and decrease in motor vehicle traffic.

The 30,000 or so taxis within Manhattan have updated their vehicles to the newer hybrid reduced emission vehicles have contributed to the reduction as well.

The MTAs newest clean air hybrid electric buses have cut emissions by as much as 80%. When you are talking about thousands of vehicles its easy to see how quickly we can make our way to becoming a city with the best air quality.