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New York City Air Pollution

The air quality in NYC poses a significant risk to New Yorkers. It is estimates that almost 6 percent of deaths occur as a result of poor air in the city. It is estimated that a huge shift in the quality of the air in NYC was drastically effected on September 11th. Additionally the large amount of Buses, Cars and motorcycles contribute to the air pollution amount in NYC. It is a challenge to improve the quality of the air because there are many more sources than motor vehicles alone. Recently NYC has implemented PlaNYC which is a plan to help bolster economic development, improve the environment, and better the quality of air and of course the life for all New Yorkers.

The goal of the plan is to “achieve the cleanest air quality of any big U.S. city” by the year 2030. The city has made major improvement in air quality and is on track to reach their goal if not come very close to it. Many agencies have chipped in to help the city reach this goal for example the DEP updates and enforces the Air Code of NYC. The goal of which is also to improve the air quality and resources in the city.

One of the biggest ways NYC has moved towards cleaner air is through reducing the amount of motor vehicles in Manhattan. This is achieved by reducing the amount of road space throughout the city. Many local roads in Manhattan that were 3 or 2 lane have been reduced to 1. Many options to turn have been eliminated. The citybike project has pushed commuters into renting bikes instead of using motor vehicles or mass transit.

So far these projects are helping to improve the air quality in NYC, and we feel that New York will be a great worldwide model for other big cities to follow.…